Each member of The Music Farm Family is a dedicated musician ready to help you Grow Your Passion!

You can put a name to a face and find out a little about each of us!

Starting as the janitor/sound guy for my local church at the age of fourteen, music has always been a part of me. I went to school for music production, worked in music retail for thirteen years, became a “Jack of all trades” or so to say, and fell in love with the music biz. After several trials and tribulations, I had moved on to starting my own online music store. The Music Farm was founded in 2004, and I couldn’t be more blessed to have a crew like the one you see here. From our family to yours, thank you for allowing us to help you Grow Your Passion. In the spirit of Ted Nugent, “God, guns, and rock & roll!”

I play both guitar and bass, but by no fault of my own I’m a guitar player at heart. At thirteen, I was supposed to get a bass guitar for Christmas, but my mom accidentally grabbed an electric guitar by mistake and that’s where it all started! For the last eighteen years I have played in a 1980’s cover band. Because of my experience in the areas, guitar and pro audio are my expertise. I have worked in the music industry for nearly twenty years and wanted to work for a company on the rise that I felt I could add something to. I’ve never worked for a company that offered such a variety of brands and products. I would have to say, the only thing better than surrounding myself with music daily is hanging out with my step-dog, Bongo. But that’s just me.

Music truly is my passion. I started out playing drums in school band and after a few years broke off into my own group. One day I picked up my buddy’s electric guitar at band practice and immediately fell in love. I played electric and acoustic guitar before studying classical guitar and piano in college and earning my degree in music education. I have performed solo and in many groups over the past twenty years. I currently play in a band called Bleed to Sleep and also in The Precambrian Era. I love learning about guitars and helping people find the right guitar for them. In my spare time I love being with my family and collecting sports cards and comics.

Hi, I’m Jeff. Although many of my friends call me ”Fong.” I went to electronics school in the 70’s where I studied Vacuum Tube Technology. Though long before that I had started playing the guitar. My specialty is restoring Vintage tube amps, however I can fix just about anything from large speakers to small ukuleles and everything in between. I have a special collection of tubes, amplifiers, and vintage fuzz boxes. Working here at the farm has brought me into contact with so much incredible and unique gear, both new and used. I love having the opportunity to interact with great musicians in the area and from around the world!”

I’m Jason a.k.a. KOOK. I play guitar to accommodate my true passion of singing. Seattle music is where my heart lies. I specialize in acoustic guitars and microphones. I was a faithful customer at The Music Farm before getting lucky enough to work here. I like the idea of no pressure sales, it allows me to get to what our customers really need. There has also never been a cheeseburger I didn’t like!

Where to start?! Let’s see..I’ve been playing the piano since the 2nd grade (obviously I’m not going to tell you how many years its been, it’ll make me look old) and I absolutely love it. The magic behind making music is something you can’t find anywhere else. They say once you learn to play the piano you can play anything, and I am a walking, talking (sometimes too much) example of just that. I took it upon myself to learn just about every horn in the school band you can think of, so if you have a question I’ve got an answer. Unlike most of the others here, I’m not in a band. Unless you count my howling K-9’s, but they’re not very good. I work at The Farm because at the end of the day it doesn’t feel like I went to work at all. These guys are my family, and we inspire each other with our mutual passion for music and want nothing more than to do that together for others every day. However when I’m not here, I like to go ride around on my streetbike and photograph race cars, but that’s another story for another day.