The Music Farm wants to be your go-to place for all things music. We want to help you Grow Your Passion in any way we can. To help with this we have established an ever-growing lesson program. At this point in time, we currently offer guitar, bass, and drum lessons. A few of our instructors are versed in other areas as well, so if there’s something you’re looking to learn, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Our lesson program runs with one 30 minute lesson per week. The cost of each lesson is $20 and payment is required before the student is put on the schedule. These are not group lessons, but a one-on-one with the instructor.

Since every student is different, the first lesson is spent getting to know what goals the student has in mind as well as what kind of music they’re interested in, what the student already knows, and what they would like to learn. Practice is very important, as the instructor will likely assign homework to be done during the week prior to the next lesson.

Because we believe practice is very important, we also offer a 10% discount throughout the store. This ensures the student will have everything they need, and also to thank you for choosing so take part in our program.

Lessons can be rescheduled, but not refunded. So we ask you to please check your schedule before signing up.