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Fender Levele Set Buffer Pedal
Fender Levele Set Buffer Pedal
Fender Levele Set Buffer Pedal
Fender Levele Set Buffer Pedal
Fender Levele Set Buffer Pedal
Fender Levele Set Buffer Pedal
Fender Levele Set Buffer Pedal
Fender Levele Set Buffer Pedal
Fender Levele Set Buffer Pedal
Fender Levele Set Buffer Pedal

Fender Level Set Buffer Pedal Electric Guitar Effects Pedal with LED Knobs

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At The Farm, we don’t rely on bland manufacturer stock photos - we physically photograph one of each model to show a better representation of the product. Some minor details like wood grain and color finish can, and may vary slightly from the pictures below.

Designed by Fender Vice President of Product Innovation Stan Cotey in Southern California, the Level Set Buffer is a one-stop shop that allows you to easily balance mismatched guitar outputs, so you won't need to adjust your gain settings on a guitar or amplifier mid-set, in addition to maintain signal integrity as it makes its way through a complex pedalboard.

“The Level-Set Buffer has been in my life as a player for five or six years now,” Cotey said. “It’s a way to adjust levels and tones when you switch to a different guitar. If you’re like me and go through lots of guitar changes during a gig, maybe from guitars that have low-output vintage single-coil tones to guitars with humbuckers, there’s a pretty big disparity with what happens tone-wise. Sometimes the balance between clean sounds and dirty sounds is off.”

“The volume balance between clean and distorted sounds can be pretty far off when switching between guitars with different outputs. The usual way to solve for that is to adjust your pedals quickly and change the drive levels, and then go to your amp and change the drive levels on the different between the channels. So I was thinking about that and a way to have a single place to adjust a guitar’s overall output level as well as being able to add a little brightness if needed, or take some away.”

Enter the Level Set Buffer, a brilliant buffer pedal that lets you easily swap guitars without negatively affecting your tone. This original design features Level, Hi-Freq and Load controls to adjust the signal, along with a Main Mute footswitch for silent tuning. The tuner output lets your tuner be always on without interrupting your signal path.

The chassis is crafted from lightweight, durable anodized aluminum, and the Amp Jewel LED gives your pedalboard the classic Fender look. The LED-backlit knobs show your control settings on a dark stage at a glance.

Swapping batteries is even quicker and easier with our exclusive “patent applied for”, magnetically latched 9V battery door.

Making life better for guitarists everywhere, the Level Set Buffer is a truly universal pedal that should live on every pedalboard. While some players might not think of a buffer when assembling their signal chain, the Fender Level Set Bufer can be the key to preserving the guitar-cable-amp tone that you desire, no matter what kind of pickups you're playing.

Key Features
  • Brand: Fender
  • Product Warranty: 1 Year - USA Only
  • Actual Weight: 1lb
  • Effect Type: Buffer
  • Battery Type: 9 Volt
  • Power Supply Included: No
  • Input 1: 1/4 Inch 
  • Output 1: 1/4 Inch

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