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Boss GX-100 Multi Effects Pedal Electric Guitar and Bass Effects Processor Pedal
Boss GX-100 Multi Effects Pedal Electric Guitar and Bass Effects Processor Pedal
Boss GX-100 Multi Effects Pedal Electric Guitar and Bass Effects Processor Pedal
Boss GX-100 Multi Effects Pedal Electric Guitar and Bass Effects Processor Pedal
Boss GX-100 Multi Effects Pedal Electric Guitar and Bass Effects Processor Pedal

Boss GX-100 Multi Effects Pedal Electric Guitar and Bass Effects Processor Pedal

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Fusing advanced BOSS tone technologies into a sleek, ultra-modern hardware design, the inspiring GX-100 delivers top-level performance everywhere you play. Explore 23 AIRD amplifiers and over 150 effects derived from the flagship GT-1000, and craft great sounds in seconds with the intuitive color touch display. Up to 15 simultaneous effect blocks provide unlimited tone possibilities, coupled with deep real-time command via onboard footswitches, an expression pedal, and external control support.

The GX-100 provides superior tone and natural tube amp feel in any playing situation, thanks to AIRD technology backed by Boss' refined Tube Logic approach. AIRD is infused into the DNA of every GX-100 guitar and bass amp, while AIRD Output Select types let you perfectly tailor the sound for any destination, whether it’s an amp input, FRFR monitor, or house PA. A wide selection of onboard speaker cabs are also available, plus slots for importing your own speaker IRs via USB.

With over top-quality 150 effects from the vast BOSS library, you’re able to realize nearly any sound you can imagine with the GX-100. Numerous overdrives and distortions are available, plus BOSS classics like Slow Gear, Octave, and more. There’s also a diverse range of mod effects, delays, and reverbs, along with many effects specially tuned for bass. And with the send/return jacks, you can integrate favorite stomps or your amp’s effects loop into the GX-100 ecosystem.

The GX-100 comes with 100 preset memories to start playing right away. But it’s easy to edit them for your needs or build new ones from the ground up. Let your imagination run wild with 15 dedicated block types - including 2 amp blocks - and chain effects in series and parallel to create all types of sonic variations. And with 200 user memories, you’re able to store enough onboard sounds to cover nearly any song or style.

Sound creation and on-the-gig editing are simpler than ever with the GX-100. The vivid color touch display offers intuitive control of patch and effects selection, parameter tweaks, signal chain adjustments, and much more. The display works in harmony with the four knobs and page buttons on the panel, providing a frustration-free experience that keeps your attention focused on the music.

The GX-100 offers deep real-time control with 8 custom footswitches and an expression pedal with toe switch. They come configured for patch/bank selection and patch-specific control, but you can freely reassign them to meet your unique needs. Switching into Manual mode provides direct stompbox-like control, and you can go even further with external control via footswitches, an expression pedal, or MIDI. There’s also a jack to remotely switch channels on your amp with memory selection or an assigned footswitch.

In addition to stage use, the GX-100 excels as a USB audio interface for recording and performing with a computer. You can record directly into music production software, re-amp tracks, and monitor the overall sound through the GX-100’s outputs. The headphones jack lets you practice anytime and anywhere, while the onboard looper is perfect for jamming, developing sounds and ideas, and extending your creative range while performing.

Using BOSS Tone Studio for macOS and Windows, you’re able to tweak every GX-100 parameter, save sounds, and organize Live Sets for different gigs from your computer. And with the optional Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor, you can wirelessly adjust settings on the gig from the BOSS Tone Studio app on your mobile device and stream backing music from your device’s library.


  • Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz
  • AD Conversion: 24 bits + AF Method **AF method (Adaptive Focus method) This is a proprietary method from Roland & BOSS that vastly improves the signal-to-noise (SN) ratio of the AD and DA converters.
  • DA Conversion: 24 bits
  • Processing: 32-bit floating point
  • Effects: 154 Types
  • Max. Number of Effects: 15+3 (DIVIDER/MIXER, SEND/RETURN, PHRASE LOOP) *depending on the circumstances
  • Memories: 200 (User) + 100 (Preset)
  • Phrase Loop: 38 sec. (MONO) 19 sec. (STEREO)
  • Tuner Internal Detection: +/-0.1 cent
  • Nominal Input Level: INPUT: -10 dBu ; RETURN: -10 dBu
  • Max. Input Level: INPUT: +18 dBu ; RETURN: +8 dBu
  • Input Impedance: INPUT: 1 M ohm ; RETURN: 1 M ohm
  • Nominal Output Level: OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): -10 dBu ;  PHONES: -10 dBu ; SEND: -10 dBu
  • Output Impedance: OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): 1 k ohm ;  PHONES: 44 ohms or greater ; SEND: 1 k ohm
  • Recommended Load Impedance: OUTPUT (L/MONO, R): 10 k ohms or greater ;  PHONES: 44 ohms or greater ; SEND: 10 k ohms or greater
  • Controls: BANK DOWN switch, BANK UP switch, CTL1 switch, CTL2/TUNER switch, 1--4 switches, POWER switch, EXP1 switch, GND LIFT switch ; EFFECTS button, CTL/EXP button, MENU button, EXIT button, WRITE button, IN/OUT SETTINGS button, PAGE button,1--4 knobs ; SELECT knob, OUTPUT LEVEL knob, EXP1 pedal
  • Display: Color Graphic LCD (480 x 272 dots) Touch Screen
  • Connectors: INPUT jack, OUTPUT (L/MONO, R) jacks, SEND jack, RETURN jack: 1/4-inch phone type ; PHONES jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type ; CTL3, 4/EXP2 jack, AMP CTL1, 2 jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type ; MIDI (IN, OUT) connectors ; USB COMPUTER port: USB B type ; Bluetooth ADAPTOR connector: Dedicated connector ; DC IN jack
  • Power Supply: AC Adaptor (included)
  • Current Draw: 1.2A
  • Dims: 18 1/8” W x 7 5/8” D x 2 7/8” H
  • Approx. Weight: 7lb 12oz

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